Why We Are the Best Company for Yacht Parties - Newport Yacht Rental


For a truly unique experience, plan yacht parties. There is no need to have an ordinary birthday bash or an engagement party at a restaurant. Doing so makes you one of the crowd. Fortunately, planning an event that stands out is easy when you rent a private yacht. At Newport Yacht Rental, we can provide you with the backdrop and venue to create the most amazing event that your friends have ever seen.

Here is why we are the best in the area for yacht parties –

#1 We are sailing the beautiful Pacific right off of sunny California.

You cannot beat our location. There is nothing quite as stunning as the beautiful Pacific. With year-round warm weather and gorgeous blue skies, a yacht trip is always picture perfect. We even have clients come to California from all over the country looking for a destination wedding or a spectacularly fun event. Just remember to bring your camera.

#2 Our yacht is beautiful.

When you are seeking a finely appointed yacht, charter ours. With careful attention to every detail, our private yacht is stunningly beautiful and only surpassed by the gorgeous surroundings that only nature can provide.

#3 We are flexible.

If you have ever planned a party only to be told who you can have cater it and what entertainers are allowed, you will appreciate the level of flexibility that we provide. We will give you a stunning venue and you can select your own caterer, bartender, entertainment and décor. We give you the flexibility to set up your party exactly as you want to. Customization has never been so fun.

#4 Our pricing is fair and competitive.

We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees. It is clear what the charges will be and most of our guests are surprised by how affordable the option is. Since you can bring in your own food or caterer, you can further keep the cost down if need be. With rates as low as these, many of our customers charter a yacht several times throughout the year.

#5 You can throw exclusive yacht parties.

It does not get more exclusive than a private yacht rental. Forget the need to hire bouncers or hoping that your party is not crashed. We will set sail as soon as you are ready and no extra guests will be getting on board. You can enjoy the complete privacy and exclusivity that comes from having your next event on a private yacht.

#6 Our service is top-rate.

When you charter a private yacht, you will be treated like royalty. This is a unique experience and one that is enhanced by our fantastic customer service. You can depend on us to deliver a beautiful setting and for all of our interactions to be pleasant and professional. Our service is the best because you deserve nothing less.

To plan a fantastic yacht party, call Newport Yacht Rental today. We guarantee that you and your guests will be delighted by the experience.