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Private Boat PartyBook a private boat party for your birthday.  If you want to host a fabulous party, you need a fabulous location. One of the most important factors in creating a memorable event is to find the perfect venue. A pizzeria will have a completely different impact on your date than a five-star restaurant. A boring banquet hall will have a totally different feel than a gorgeous private yacht rental. Your venue sets the stage for how your guests will feel and what will happen at your party. This is why you should book a private yacht for your birthday.

Make Your 50th Birthday Party the Best Yet!

Turning fifty can be a lot of fun. In decades past, it was viewed as the coming of old age but not anymore! Fifty can begin your next chapter, one where you have more money to spend on things you enjoy, you are at a good stage in your career, and you have free time to do what you love instead of focusing all your time on your kids. A birthday like this deserves a fantastic celebration.

Why You Should Book a Private Boat Party for Your 50th Birthday

#1 – Amazing views

You cannot beat the spectacular vistas that you get from the deck of a private yacht. We can take you and your guests on a journey surrounded by the breathtaking views only available off the coast of California. Whether you want to throw a party in the warm afternoon sun or are looking for a romantic and sophisticated sunset cruise, our captain can work with you to chart a course for views that will keep you and your guests snapping pictures.

#2 – Complete Privacy

Have you ever wanted to throw a birthday bash without the prying eyes of random strangers? If you go to your favorite restaurant or bar, you will be surrounded by hundreds of people you do not know. If you want to really relax, have that same restaurant cater your party so you can eat what you want but have fun with your friends – no prying eyes allowed.

#3 – Flexibility

When you throw a private boat party on our yacht, you can book whatever entertainment you want, decorate with a theme, have a special bartender, get catering from wherever you like, etc. We are flexible, so you can design your party, your way. There is no box you have to fit into when you rent a private yacht, so all the possibilities are focused on having an amazing time.

#4 – Convenience

When you charter a private yacht, all your guests can park at the marina, hop on board, and stay together throughout the evening. This is far more convenient than having party guests move from one location to the next. It is also more convenient because you do not have to clean up after they have gone home.

Make your 50th birthday party the best yet by chartering our private yacht.