Schedule a Yacht Party Rental for Your Office Holiday Party - Newport Yacht Rental

Our yacht party rental is perfect for your office holiday party.  It is that time of year again and if you are scrambling to find a new location that everyone will enjoy – it is time to hit the open seas.  You can party like a pirate this Christmas and leave the old hotel banquet room behind you.  If the idea of another hotel buffet makes you and your coworkers want to create a scheduling conflict, give us a call.  A yacht party could be just what you need.

A New Venue = New Results

Office parties can be incredibly boring.  Probably because you take a group of people that see each other every day, working in a serious environment and expect them to relax around each other.  This can be hard to do unless you set the stage.  By changing the environment, people can begin to let loose and relax – just what you need to have a good time.

There is something about hitting the open ocean that instantly relaxes people.  It is symbolic of leaving the cares of life behind.  No one can find you, tell you to leave the party to help a client or file a report.  The computers and deadlines are far behind you and now you can party.  We make it easy to party like a pirate and leave your cares behind you.  When you schedule a yacht party rental with Newport Yacht Rental company, we take care of the details so that you and your team can truly unwind and have a good time.

Make Your Office Holiday Party a Themed Party

When you schedule a yacht party rental you are not confined to a set décor or even a specific catering company.  We provide the venue but give you complete control over the actual party.  That means that you can think of something truly creative and out of the box.  You can turn your holiday party into a themed event where everyone dresses like Jack Sparrow or Jimmy Buffet.  You can even go mafia-style and turn the yacht into a 1920s speakeasy. If you want to go the ugly sweater route, you can do that too!  There is no end to the number of themes that you can select for your office holiday party.  Since your entire team will have set sail on our yacht, people will be more inclined to let loose and just have fun.

If you are looking for an elegant and refined party where everyone can dress to the nines – we have you covered.  Our yacht is elegantly appointed and fit for the most glamorous of parties.  Bring the violins and caviar, our views and décor will not disappoint.

Book Your Yacht Party Rental Early for the Holidays

Holiday party reservations go fast so make sure to book your yacht party rental in Newport Beach now.  Reserve your spot and let us know if you want a party during the day, evening, weekday or weekend.  We sail seven days a week so that you can have the party time of your choice.