Party Like It’s 1999 or Like You’re On a Private Party Boat - Newport Yacht Rental


On our private party boat, we don’t have to remember what it was like to be at the best party.  We are there every day.  When you book a private yacht to throw your bash, you can expect to have an amazing experience.  First off, you cannot beat the location.  With the gorgeous Pacific and sunny California skies as our backdrop, your guests will enjoy picture-worthy moments everywhere that they look.  Whether you are throwing the graduation party of a lifetime or a birthday bash for your best friend, your guests will be in awe of their surroundings. 

There is something magical about being on a private party boat.  The combination of sun, saltwater, music, dancing, and ambiance all come together to create a truly spectacular experience.  Being out on the open water without the crowds and without prying eyes, causes even the most serious of people to let loose and enjoy themselves.  It is simple really.  We create the space where you, your friends, family, colleagues, etc. can truly unwind and just enjoy life.

Reasons to Rent a Private Party Boat:

  • Graduation party
  • Birthday party
  • Anniversary party
  • Engagement party
  • Corporate event
  • Fraternity or sorority party
  • Reunion
  • Holiday party
  • Just because you feel like it!

With a private yacht calling your name, there is no reason not to throw a party.  You can rent a private party boat just because it is Wednesday and you want something to do.  We take out both large and small groups so you can book our yacht for your fifty closest friends or charter it for a romantic dinner for two.  You will get to work with the captain to decide where you want to go and chart the course for an amazing time.

Benefits of Chartering Our Yacht

#1 Flexibility

You can rent it for as long as you need, just let us know when you are booking it.

#2 Décor

Our yacht is nicely appointed so no decorations are necessary. However, you can decorate it as you choose.  That means that you can bring the Halloween décor or anniversary balloons – whatever you need for a fabulous event.

#3 Catering

You can bring your own food or hire a caterer.  We do not require you to use a certain vendor or buy food from us.  This means that you have as many options as you need.

#4 Entertainment

We have a killer sound system on board so that you can have a DJ or bring your iPod and play your own music.  Bring your own entertainers as well.  The entertainment can be exactly as you envision.

#5 Convenience

Park your car, hop on board and get ready for adventure.  We make it easier than ever to have fun and we handle the clean up when you are done!

Renting a private yacht for your next party is a sure way to up the energy and create an amazing experience for all of your guests.  Our rates are affordable and our service is amazing so call today!