Party Boat Charters and Themed Birthday Party Ideas - Newport Yacht Rental

Party Boat ChartersIf you want to throw a birthday party that no one will forget, party boat charters are the way to go. First, your friends probably have not done this. When you are part of the same group, it is hard to find ideas that have not been tried by someone before. This is one that only the most informed and out-of-the-box creative thinkers try, much to their benefit. Your birthday party can be seriously incredible — and not the “oh, I had a nice time," but the “last night was amazing!” type of incredible.

Once you book our party boat charters, you get the benefit of having a beautiful and scenic background to set the stage for something truly unique. You can take advantage of this by having your birthday party be a themed party. People are more likely to dress up for a private party than they would be if going out to a club, so expect your friends to participate and have fun. Here are a few theme ideas for you to try:

#1 – Murder Mystery Party

The cool thing about this type of party is that the number of themes is endless. If you buy a kit ahead of time (highly recommended), you will get invitations and scripts for everyone. This allows your guests to know who they are coming as before they ever show up. Everyone can get in character and walk onto the yacht as someone else entirely. This makes for a really fun evening.

#2 – Gangsters

Everyone wants to be a high-rolling gangster — at least for one night. You can turn our party boat charters into a Roaring Twenties speakeasy or a James Bond-esque style event, with everyone dressed to the nines and ready to party. From big band to jet-setting Monaco, our yacht can be transformed for your next event.

#3 – Superheroes and Villains

Who doesn’t want to see the ultimate matchup or dress in Superman spandex? Well … this party may not be for everyone, but if you and your friends are likely to buy tickets for Comic Con, then this would be the perfect party for you. It can be a dress-as-you-like event, or you can assign characters ahead of time.

#4 – Jamaica, Mon

Channel your inner Bob Marley and use our party boat charters to set course for Jamaica (at least the West Coast version of it). Reggae music, Rastafarian clothes, and authentic food can turn your party into a mini vacation. With the warm California sunshine and gorgeous views of the Pacific, your afternoon party may not be too far from the theme you are creating. This is an excellent summer party and sure to be a lot of fun.

#5 – Holiday

If you are having a party around a major holiday like Saint Patrick’s day, the Fourth of July, or Halloween, your party theme could be based on that. Finding outfits will be easy and everyone will have fun.

For a memorable birthday or anytime party, book our party boat charters, select a theme, and have an unforgettable time.