How to Find the Best Event Venues for Your Wedding, Party, or Special Event - Newport Yacht Rental

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If you are researching event venues, consider the type of party that you are planning, the ambiance that you want to create, and the impression that you want to make.  Your party can be a standard affair or it can be an affair to remember.  The venue that you select will set the tone for your entire event, making it critical to find the best one.

Here are tips for finding the best event venues for your celebration:

Think outside of the box.  When most people plan a party they look at booking rooms at restaurants they have already visited or meeting rooms at a local hotel. This can be a good venue for a party, however, if you have already been to that hotel or restaurant, there is a high chance that your party guests would have been as well.  If you want to host a party that is unique and memorable, you should look outside of the norm.  A private yacht can be the answer because it is entirely unique and unlikely that your guests will have recently attended a party on one.

Consider how you want to decorate.  If you are planning a themed party, planning a wedding with extravagant decorations, or a retirement bash with hilarious décor – you need event venues that will allow you to put up your own decorations.  Many venues have severe restrictions in regards to what you can and cannot use.  This can be so severe as to prevent wedding parties from using bubbles and people from putting up balloons.  These restrictions can put a damper on your plans.  The good news is that if you rent our yacht, you can decorate like you want to.

Decide what food you want to eat.  A party is not a party without food and drinks.  If you book a party venue at a local restaurant, you are restricted to the food that they make and sell. The same is true with the drinks that they serve.  This can get expensive and also create challenges if you have a portion of your guests with dietary restrictions.  Even if you book a party venue space at a hotel or another building, you may be restricted to a small list of caterers that are approved by the venue.  If you want to bring your own food, have your grandmother cook, or have your favorite street food vendor make the snacks – you can when renting a private yacht. 

When it comes to event venues, the key is to find a location that allows you to have the flexibility you need to plan your event, your way.  Instead of being controlled or restricted by a venue, your venue should be the blank canvas that allows your ideas to come to life.  When you rent a private yacht that is exactly what you will get.  Our yacht is absolutely beautiful and the vistas are breathtaking.  For the best view, a dynamic and memorable setting, and the flexibility you deserve – call us to book your next party.