Every Day is a Party with a Party Boat Rental - Newport Yacht Rental


If you are ready to party, call us for a party boat rental.  Once the rush of the holidays is over it can feel like there is nothing going on for a couple of months.  If you have hit a lull between New Years and Saint Patty’s Day – throw your own party.  There is no need to wait when you and your closest fifty friends can head out for a good time any day of the week.  If you have a weekend coming up with nothing planned – give us a call and book your own private party.

Pick a Theme for Your Party Boat Rental 

One of the ways to take your party to the next level is host a themed party.  Create a mock casino and Vegas-style party, dress like 1920s mobsters, superheroes or your favorite rock stars.  Halloween does not have to own costume parties. You can throw one any time of the year and have an awesome time doing it.  When you rent a venue for a party there is usually a long list of rules that dictate how you can decorate.  This is not the case when you rent our party boat.  You can decorate to make your theme come alive and transport your guests into a speakeasy, Caribbean island, or wherever else you want to go.

Celebrate Your Birthday or Graduation with a Party Boat Rental

If you need a reason to throw a party, rent a yacht for your upcoming birthday or graduation.  This is the best place to gather your friends and dance the night away or have a great time away from the crowds.  When you rent a private boat, you set the guest list and there is no chance of party crashers.  Once we set sail, no one is getting on that you did not invite.  This provides the level of privacy you and your friends need to unwind and really celebrate, away from strangers you really do not want to talk to.

For more formal parties, like a multi-generational graduation party, a private yacht can create a sophisticated ambiance without a lot of effort.  Everyone in the family will be impressed by the views afforded by setting out on the open sea.  It is truly incomparable and even the best waterfront restaurant cannot deliver these stunning vistas.  When you combine that with the uniqueness of being on a private yacht, your graduation party will be talked about at family gatherings for years to come.

Call Today and Book Your Party Boat Rental

If you are ready to throw the party of the century, call and book your yacht rental today.  Let us know when you want to set sail, how many guests you want to invite, how long you want your party to last and what your plans are.  We do not plan the party so that portion is up to you.  We do, however, make it easy for you to bring everything together and will be happy to work with you on your catering and entertainment selections.  A private party boat makes any party fabulous so books yours today.